Month: November 2014

Announcing Our Alumni Campaign

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Hello Everyone,

LSM USA is in the process of connecting with all of those affiliated with our organization everywhere. We are obviously working to get the regions back together and reviving individual chapters as well. However, we cannot forget about our Alumni and all of the work they have done for LSM USA in the past. We would like to invite the Alumni to once again connect with LSM through several means.

1. We have a new LinkedIn group for LSM Alumni and Current Members. This group is meant to serve as a space for professional networking between and within the two groups. Please join and encourage others to as well.

2. We are reviving our presence on Facebook as well. In addition to actively using our Facebook page, we have now created a Facebook Group that anyone can post in. Please join and encourage others to as well!

3. We are working to put together a monthly newsletter with LSM USA updates that will go out to an email list of interested Alumni. Please continue to fill out our Alumni Survey and make sure to indicate that you would like to receive emails from us.

Please join us once again in the bonds of fellowship through these exciting opportunities.

Peace & Blessings,

Logan B. Boese
Tri-Executive for Regional Affairs & Finance