Month: October 2014

Alternative Spring Break 2014-2015 Application

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Calling all students!

If you are interested in spending a week in Detroit over your Spring Break check this out! The Lutheran Student Movement USA will sponsor selected students to spend a week in Detroit as an opportunity to engage with the community prior to the National Youth Gathering. Check out the application that is linked to this post. If you have any questions please email

A Message from Our Tri-Executive for Regional Affairs & Finance

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Hello Everyone,

I am incredibly humbled to be able to serve the church and all of you in such an amazing capacity. I am greatly looking forward to all of the relationships that will be built amongst the greatest leaders that this organization has to offer. The National Executive Council is looking towards our Regions once again as our base of support. Some of you may have even been contacted recently by me with a request for contact information. It is imperative that we get this vital organization up and running again and healthy regions will get us there. I am on my knees begging for all the information that we have about our Regions currently. Even if you think that your information is outdated it couldĀ still help us connect with one another. Finally, if you are an alumni reading this, or a current student, I would like for you to imagine an organization connected from all four corners of the country! That is exactly what we have accomplished before and what we can accomplish once again. Please help us reach our goals and support the mission of the students everywhere.

Peace & Blessings,

Logan B. Boese
Tri-Executive for Regional Affairs & Finance

The Rebirth of LSM-USA

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The new National Executive Council met in Boulder Colorado this past weekend to discuss the future of L.S.M. USA. We are proud to announce that much progress was made for the future of the organization. Please stay tuned for more information about our Alternative Spring Break for this year, our potential National Assembly, and the structuring of our internal organization. Your prayers and thoughts are always appreciated. 10390965_10101671198646438_4524169905566093090_n